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Monday, November 13, 2006


dennis schauer

I just stumbled upon your blog. Unfortunatey, it's hard to believe anything you say. Why?
You are a bunch of shitheads. Why would anyone be nuts enough to give you possession of an expensive vehicle to drive.


The costs of placating the unions are, in part, why Detroit cars aren't "friggin' sweet".

I don't know if his numbers are accurate. Let's pretend they are. For $3400 per car Toyota take $1000 profit and put $2400 of "friggin' sweetness" into their cars.

That's a pretty significant disadvantage the domestic carmakers have to overcome.

Now don't get me wrong. It's a pickle they put themselves in by pandering to unions for the last bazillion years.


True, but the big 2.5 will need larger margins to funnel back into R&D, in order to create products the public wants to buy again. Sort of a chicken/egg paradox.

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