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Monday, November 13, 2006



Yeah, I'd be curious to see how the Accords break down sales-wise. The Accords can get spendy pretty quickly.

For the record, the article that was linked to compared the Lincoln to the Accord. I was just making fun of the fact. :)


Arrrgh! Lincoln shouldn't try to be BMW or Acura. It needs to carve out a niche as a distinctly American company.

Kindly please refer to the 1956 Mark II, the 1961 Continental, or the 1969 Mark III for inspiration.


you compare apples and oranges. the $18K Accord doesn't have the features of the Lincoln. a loaded Accord costs much more.

i certainly don't see the Lincoln selling well in the $30K+ market. but try pricing that basic $18K Accord at $30K+ and see how it sells then.

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