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Thursday, November 09, 2006



well well well. totally agree. What the f... are they doing these american GM guys. Maybe their accountants and controllers have transferred to the designing department. And their designers were sacked due to costsaving attempts. They are really doing well trying to kill the brand. They should be very carefull in the controlling/design dept. They underestimate the true spirit of the saab. They will loose wast part of their german marketshare because its now an Opel and not a strong Swede from scandinavia. They dont really know what they are doing

Richard Benner

Yea, who would think that a car company like Saab would EVER put the key in between the seats. A place where you would spill your drinks in to the ignition switch area when you were trying to hit the cup holder. Well, I would have thought that after all the years that it has been there, they would have moved it by now.

John Wayne

It's probably on the steering column Richard! Where else would they put it? NOT somewhere stupid like between the seats.....

Richard Benner

WHERE is the Key on the new Saab 9-7X?

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