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Thursday, November 09, 2006



Yes, we have. We picked up a Ford Certified Pre-Owned (okay, used) Windstar last month. The van was in good shape with only 41K miles on the ticker. It had a complete service (tune up, flush and fill, etc.) before we took the keys and they fixed the couple of things I found wrong with it (How they missed brake problems in the supposed inspection is another question) during the test drive. They gave us a written contract stating these items would be fixed at no charge.
We also got a warranty that runs the length of the payments. The kicker: The van was less than half of what a new T&C or Freestar would've cost.
My wife is considering letting me have a new car next year. When I get it I will definately do the certified used route again. Very few things are as aggravating as making payments on a used car that doesn't run. The certified used programs eliminate this.

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