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Wednesday, September 27, 2006



I'll stick with my Australian nationalised health care system, thanks. I can get a hospital bed if I need one and the most common prescription drugs are subsidised so that all can afford them.

Yeah, no-one held a gun to their head and it was a stupid decision made in a golden age. But...is there a justification for having to pay $16,000 a year for the meds of a retired worker's wife?! (see latest Detnews story)

a) the worker was paid for his services while he worked there, why should he continue to be promise benefits long after he stops serving the company?

b) why the f*** should his wife get them as well?

It's crazy, and your country's refusal to rein in the medical and pharma systems is tantamount to writing bigpharma and bigmed a blank check. A check they'll spend at your ad agencies convincing you all that you're all going to die, unless.....


So GM signs contracts with the UAW that required them to pay all the healthcare costs. No one put a gun to their head and forced them to sign.

Why should the taxpayers bail them out of their bad business decisions? And what makes anyone think that socialized medicine will be better?

What government agency is a model of the kind of service and efficiency that you's want in charge of your health?

I'll take my chances with a free market any day.

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