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Tuesday, August 29, 2006



god... i don't know why people like so much Z4... when you sit in front of wheel you see plastic things everywhere. Z3 i can understand... i'm a fan of BMW cars... but Z4... ehh nothing special.

Atasha Shane

I think the bmw engines now are also a great piece of BMW.

Bryon Wolf

Bryon Wolf Wrote The BMW 650i returns for 2007 all but Bryon Wolf Wrote unchanged from 2006. It delivers excellent Bryon Wolf performance, brilliant handling and that arrowlike stability that defines BMW. Available in coupe and convertible body styles, the BMW 650i is a premium grand touring car. It comes with a 360hp V8 and a choice of three transmissions.

Bryon Wolf

I need a car. When is proche comming out with the new 4-door?

shari moy

2006 BMW's I'm not sure who is making these cars now, my 2006 rides like an old 60's ford truck and the features are cheap, the cup holders are in the wrong place and look as though they came off Taurus, the run no flat tires...remember riding a bicycle with solid rubber tires...your teeth will be jarred out of your head if you go over ANY bump...and the NEW NO KEY feature is a source of annoying trying to start your car 6 times....the valet key is gone and you have the old VW key box instead of a nice valet key to put in a purse or pocket.

DO NOT BUY THESE CARS! My 2003 BMW 330XI was AWESOME! I am so loyal to BMW service and its employees but HATE their sales reps who are arrogant and did the BAIT and SWITCH on my car. I had signed all my documents and they gave me the NOT MY CAR...but I had "taken delivery" on the car...so I am screwed now for 3 years.

Is any one else having an issue with the 2006 models.

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