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Tuesday, July 18, 2006



First I agree that there are a couple of curious weak points. "curious" because they are so easily seen and inexpensively fixed.

The Japanese are much better at avoiding obvious mistakes. You really wonder if the execs of GM, Ford, etc. actually ever look at their new models. Could they identify any from twenty feet?

That said. The Caliber is a winner unless they botch it up with poor build quality or other suicidal ideas. I've looked at them (I'm shopping) and seen them on the road. People look and like.


I know you're in the middle of an America-bashing session right now but, seriously, have you talked with anyone who owns one? I was at a bar the other day listening to some guy expounding the virtues of the vehicle...unsolicited. I'd trust this average Joe over your knee jerk responses anytime.
Please, give America a chance.

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