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Tuesday, July 11, 2006



I really question the validity of Nissan's plan to "rescue" GM. This is a company whose CEO has an ego too big for his britches. Sales are way down for Nissan/Infiniti, new products will be released in the midst of a much-disliked HQ move to Opryland, their flagship Maxima will have less power than the Altima and it's still front-wheel drive. When's the last time you saw a new Q45 on the road?

The talk has been that by combining purchasing power, supplies will be obtained at lower cost. What the hell? GM isn't big enough already? GM already demands that suppliers reduce their profits to razor-thin margins; how else do you explain the quality of some of their plastic trim pieces? I think the real motive is to shift the manufacture of most parts and supplies to China, with final assembly happening in North America.

That's doom for UAW for many reasons: no jobs and giving the Chinese blueprints for an entire takeover of US auto manufacturing.

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