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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Luis Beck

Hi, I am sending you a webpage about Humanoid Robots, it is s a Resume about a lot of new technology. If you like new ideas to improve your research or produtcs...


Luis Beck

Hi, I am sending you a webpage about Humanoid Robots, its a Resume about a lot of new technology. It give you ideas to improve your research or produccan ts....


Luis Beck

A. To reach a better level of robot ill give you some ideas, first put the new flexible screens Sony covering the body of the robot that will allow the owner of the robot comunicate in real time with customers cause people will be able to see persons, images, videos and Internet on the screens of the robots! For example a single doctor will be able to have 20 or 50 robots around the World, or in many hospitals, working, helping or teaching other doctors! And that flexible screens technology can also camuflate the robot when needed.

B.You need also to improve the comunication in a single device to have a messenger, with a webpage where people can subscribe with their country, city, name, address,

1.what is the reason they will like to be contacted, buy, cell, rent, know someone, donate, etc.

2. Then other field to put a free item, so people can paste the word car, flowers, teacher, etc

3. Then oder open field with characteristic or model: Honda, red, english, etc.

4. Also other information like its webpage and the image of the video camera on that profile (like a free chat or messenger but withouth the limitation of yahoo or others).

That way the robot will be able to offer many servises, move and interact alone or with specialist offering their services and products in real time wich its own TV chanel and comunication system! For example to send the robot buy in a store, or to make tasks in land or industry places, or to help in any activity even to improve humans education, or to improve them to administrate its time or the way they comunicate and learn. For childrens or to teach people with legal problems, family problems, improving tasks at work, etc! The number of services you can offer are many...

C. The battery of the robot should be in a place where the robot it self can recharge it, and devided at least in two so while one recharge the other make move the robot. You can do it with solar or wind equipement, or make posible the robot to find a plug by it self in the office or city, in that level the robot will be independant in the city or nature.

D. You need to be able the robot to sit in a car or chair ! for this new year cause Asimo cant do it, HRP- 3 robot can do it but in a small size; i didnt saw the real one do it!

E. It will be good to improve each part of the robot to be easy to change. That will help to put in its arms or legs devices or diferent quinds of machines by it self!

F. And finally for this new year Asimo should be able to fall down and stand up alone, like HRP-3 robot.

Luis Beck


Honda is good,I like it.


Billy Bautista

Go Honda!

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