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Friday, April 28, 2006



I believe that their are both people in Congress who lie, cheat and steal, and that their are people in Congress who are 'good' and say what they believe. I think this is the more realistic opinion. In fact, the post that started this conversation lists both Congressmen acting insincerely and otherwise.

You keep disassociating what politicians say from the policies they make. If you know a politician to be insincere, how do you know they will follow through on the policies that claim to support?


Sorry Dan, but you are totally confused. I'm trying to tell you that politicians will do or say anything to get elected. What they say or do is irrelevant. What they do in terms of POLICY is what is important.

You can line up everyone in DC to ride in a Prius if they think it'll get them elected. Do you really think because some jackass politician show up in some car, it means he's voting one way or another?

It's not a matter of being "Comfortable" with fakeness, it has everything to do with living in the real world dealing with real people that are selfish, that lie and steal.

Or is it better to have that idealism that people are good and they say and act what they believe?


But their actions are a reflection of their intended policy. If a politician demonstrates by his actions that he doesn't give a damn about the environment, why would I expect him to support policy that protects it?

You seem to be comfortable with someone who fakes sincerity making policy. I am not.


Dan, I'm a registered independent. You cannot hold them to any higher standards than I do.

I'm far more impressed by policy instead of superficial acts of "leadership."

I expect politicians to make policy. Everything else they do is just faking sincerity for elections.


"Congress lead by example? LMAO Oh, that is just too funny. You do realize that we're talking about politicians right?"

The problem is that this attitude essentially excuses any actions Congress takes. If, when they do something 'douchey' we all just throw up our hands and say "Hey, what'd we expect, they're politicians," they can basically get away with whatever they want.

Maybe if we all try to hold them to a higher standard they'll be forced to act accordingly; or vacate the office for someone who will.

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