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Friday, March 10, 2006



Its interesting question Karl :)
Bells and Whistles
* Open bar
* Neon flashing lights
* Karaoke machine
* Satellite radio
* Compact disc player
* DVD player
* Mini kitchen
* Snacks
* Dance floor


Pontiac : Poor Old Newfie Thought It was A Cadillac


The Saturn slogan made me laugh. Thanks

Joel A

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And people have been complaining about Mazda's "Zoom-Zoom"?


Here are some of my own:

Acura:V8's are the Antichrist.

Audi: We want to be Mercedes, bad quality and all.

BMW: You can't have this much fun in a Lexus. Yet.

Buick: Proud member of he AARP!

Cadillac: We rocked, we sucked, we rock again.

Chevrolet: Oh hell, go buy a Honda.

Chrysler: Yesterday's Merecedes today!

Dodge: song - "I've got big balls, he's got big balls...."

Ford: Trying to lose market share faster than GM.

Honda: song - "Little miss, little miss, little miss can't be wrong..."

HUMMER: Small penis anyone?

Hyundai: Growing faster than Michael Jackson's jimmy at Disneyland!

Infiniti: BMW-lite.

Isuzu: No we haven't gone out of business yet!

Jaguar: A car your wife will look great in.

Jeep: A Hummer with less chest hair.

Land Rover: Jeeps for trust fund kids.

Lexus: We're so perfect it hurts.

Lincoln: Nobody does Ford better.

Mazda: If you're driving a convertible right now, YOU OWE US BIG-TIME!

Mercedes-Benz: So;r^ry, th%ere see#m to be [email protected] electr*ica'l iss$ues he?re...
Brittany trusts us with her baby!

Mercury: Why am I here?

MINI: Can you say MARKETING?

Mitsubishi: We have the Eclipse...

Nissan: We love you Carlos!

Pontiac: Have you seen the new Solstice? Check out the brand new Solstice. Hey we've got a hot new car called the Solstice. Did we mention the Solstice?

Porsche: Recommended by 9 out of 10 Doctors.

Renault: Paging doctor Ghosn...

Saab: Helping GM lose lose money.

Saturn: Hey, we're better than Uranus! On second thought...

Scion: It's a Toyota!

Subaru: 4-wheel drive for dummies.

Suzuki: Pretend you're driving one of our motorcycles, they're actually good.

Toyota: We are now the leaders of the free world, please hand over your souls and any hopes for driving excitement.

Volkswagen: We may suck, but we look good doing it. At least we used to.

Volvo: A little more sexy, a little less safe.

Hope you like them and got a laugh or two.


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