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Monday, January 23, 2006



It's funy how Ford and GM release news about hybrid cars right now when they have a lot of financial problems...

johnny smit

hi, fords and hybrids :)

its all about the smart cars...
well ZAP smartcars that is..


Emery Lane

What the hell is a Typekey or TypePad account? Whetever it is, I don't have it as far as I know. Maybe my computer knows.

However, let me say that when I rent cars, I often find myself driving a Taurus which is no better or worse than the Grand Marquis I drove time before last. Which I thought was a piece of shit!

At home I drive another Ford product, a Jag XJR and I love it. However, it cost about 3 times as much as a Taurus.

I suppose the problem is that neither of those cars ( Taurus, Grand marquis) is as fine as about any product made by Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, etc. Why should that be so? I don't believe one can blame everything on Unions.

Chris Sloan

You make some great points about Ford, beyond just their stupidity about which vehicles to market - Bigger, Bigger, Bigger. They should really look at the appeal of the styling overall, excluding the new Mustang, as most look like a mobile box. Is it any wonder they're loosing ground to Toyota, better looking cars+better gas mileage+same price range=No more Ford.

Joe aka BigFordFan

Bob, the news about Ford is hard to follow, but at least it sounds encouraging to those of us who like Ford. It's obvious that the major money loosing proposition at Ford is it's North American Auto production arm, but they have been through this before and by 2008-09 Ford could come out of this shake up stronger and more competative. Some of the encouraging statements were their new "customer focus," meaning they may take more risks in products, like some of the more profitable companies.

Now as for GM's Hybrid Equinox, I'm assuming it's a variation of the new Saturn Vue Greenline Hybrid. Which uses a motor/alternator system that just gets the vehicle rolling when stopped and is a half assed atempt on their part. I read recently that it will get 27 mpg city and 34 highway, and that the system is cheap and simple. Just like GM, to bring out a system like this. They're hoping that they can cash in on the Hybrid phenom and not have to actually invest heavily in the technology. Let's hope they don't use this system on others like the Cobalt, Ion or Equinox/Torent, it can only hurt sales.

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