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Friday, January 27, 2006


Not a dumbass

I've had three toyotas, all pieces of shit. I've have I chevy s10 20 years ans 377,890 miles on it. Saturn sl1 10 years old almost 260,000 miles. I will never buy a toyota, and every one I talk to about my experiences will never buy a toyota.



fuck non american made cars
we're all going to be pussies in small box cars because of the fucking asians.
make V8's
dont give a fuck about the gas.
The nigger president better do something about the petrolium so we can all drive v8's
and mock the little match boxes with fags inside

Some guy with a little tech savvy...

First of all, I think all driving is bad and that driving in a city is a right reserved only for fat asses and people with damned good excuses.

If anyone's still reading... Toyota's choice of hybrid technology signals the birth of the hybrid revolution in the auto industry. The design of their hybrid transaxle is simplicity itself. In a few years every automobile company will (or should) be making something like it. They'll still be pumping out those SUV's, and I'll still be riding my bike and scowling at fools who drive them, but those CO2 monsters will be getting at least 7mpg better in town and 3mpg better on the highway. The lighter the vehicle, the better the mileage increase, from the Lexus LX down to the Toyota Prius or smaller. Two or three years down the road, a diesel hybrid line will come down the chutes from Toyota. If the (some say Isuzu) diesel engine is even halfway decent , that combined with lithium-ion battery packs (http://www.edrivesystems.com/technology.html) are going to show you cars that get well over 100mpg in town. Car traffic will all sound like this:
vrooo-whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........ but even quieter. I can't wait.

Anyway, using fossil fuels is baaaaddd. Hybrid technology is less bad.

john constantine

f1 carssssss


Sounds like someones mad just because toyota is doing well. If you had a toyota facility in your area with stable good paying jobs you would change your tune. so shut up.

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