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Thursday, January 26, 2006



GM's Volt is Definitely E-OK

Just a thought


American cars do stink. Japanese are the best, then German, last American. (domestic, affordable cars-wise)

william b

HYBRIDS are here to stay and thats E-OK
Environmentally And Ecologically Good.

if it's got an engine. . .

Speaking of Gremlins. . .

Follow the link, then click on the Gremlin. You will be amazed.


Detroit may as well extend warranties on new cars. It will cost them nothing for roughly five years. And it they don't sell cars now they won't be here in five years.

I didn't stop buying American cars because of the warranty was short. It was because the dealers would lie and evade in order to not honor the warranty at all.

I bought a Honda. Short warranty too. They needed to tight a rattling screw in the glove box. That was it in 3 years.

I have driven the Honda 16 years with only regular maintenance. Oh, the radio failed after ten years.

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