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Saturday, June 25, 2005


Chris Wage

Don't feel too sorry for Ford -- their Mustang miracle is saving their butts. If they were smart, they'd ditch the expedition and cut the Explorer down to size, and simplify their model lines around their newfound muscle-car superstardom and their hybrid/economy lines.


Ford sales being down from last year really shouldn't be such a surprise, for a couple of reasons. First Ford's desire to get out of fleet sales, second the rise in fuel costs is going to hit Ford in Full size truck sales. Lastly, besides the Mustang and to a lesser degree Fivehundred/Freestyle, Ford doesn't have exciting or inovative cars on the market. But with the Fusion/Milan/Zephyr maybe that will change. Ford really did itself and their customers a disservice with the Focus "freshening" instead of bringing the all new Focus here. And the way they have given up hope for the Ranger in the Compact/Midsize truck market was short sighted.

I agree, with your suggestion of upping the warranty and the free service for two years.
If the cars are as good as they should be, Ford shouldn't loose any money. And it will go along way to help rebuild the image of a company that has been in the news too often lately regarding recalls and potentially dangerous situations.

I had a 93 Taurus SHO and was lucky enough to catch the small fire under hood, before any real damage was done, except the loss of the ABS module. Luckily I bought this car as a winter beater and potential project, and decided not to invest any money in it. I had always wanted a SHO, but now know better.

Ford needs to take some chances and bring some inovative models to market, and don't slip into the GM mold of badge engineering. With as many as 7 models to be pulled off the Mazda 6 platform including 3 SUV crossover(Aviator,Fairlane and Crossport), Ford is headed down that path. And as much as I like the Zephyr's looks, haven't they learned anything from the Versailes?

The full size rear wheel drive Panther platform is dated and Ford needs to really hit a home run with the replacemtn. Their Australian Falcon/Fairmont platform with it's fully independant suspension front and rear could be the right choice or at least a start in the right direction.

Glad to see you back after your long absence. I look forward to more posts from you

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