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Friday, May 06, 2005



I think that Ford and GM will definitely be around in 10 years and that all the hype recently is ridiculous. GM may need to trim some, that is true, they've painted themselves into a corner with all of their "badge engineering" and lost focus on some brand identity, but they have some interesting models coming out and will weather the storm. Ford is in better shape than GM and with the FiveHundred selling well and the Mustang being an image boost, will survive just fine until 2006 when a bunch of new models come to market such as the Fusion/Milan twins and the Zephyr from Lincoln.

Honda has their own problems as does Toyota, but the auto press does not harp on them. And while Chrysler is riding high on the Hemi wave, they've had their troubles in the past too.

Don't count them out, for as GM goes, so does our economy. Too many people in this country make a living from the auto industry and we could not recover if either of these companies went under.

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