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Friday, May 06, 2005



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you tell them big ford fan joe these people dont get it if ford and gm went under the job loss would be huge and it would trickle down so far i cant even think about it i work at the ford sterling axle plant our trucks are so much better then toyota its crazy we put an axle from a F 150 and from a toyota tacoma through an agility test the toyota didnt even make it through the test its gears disinigrated the f 150 did 30 test and barely showed marks next time you are behind one of these trucks look how small the toyota's axle is and compare it to the f150 you will be shocked Ford should challenge toyota to a dual on towing I bet toyota wouldn't show up

David Campbell

Well, let me see if I can duplicate some of the thinking at FORDGM. Uh, oh this Lumina won't sell so why don't we change the look and call it Impala!!! Wow, that will fool the cows!!!! I didn't like the Impala or Monte Carlo the day they were introduced and don't like them today.
Oh, I haven't forgotten Ford. Kill the Thunderbird, makes sense. It may not be perfect, but ask around. It looks good. Good looks sell cars. Of course, the opinion of Ford is, we will try again to find the next Taurus or now the next Mustang.
Ford and GM seem to resist embracing common sense. Who is Bob Lutz?? Apparently he wasn't the one who made the right decisions at Chrysler? Hmmm. I can look at a new car and predict the sales volume. Why are the Impala and Monte Carlo not selling off the charts? They are cleverly disguised, renamed Luminas!! Looks, technology and now image! Taurus, the name should remain, what should occur is a stunning and advanced vehicle. I like the 500, as a matter of fact the look has grown on me. Oh, and I think it looks like a 500. There are hints of German and Japanese luxury sedans, but that is okay. I like the Freestyle also. Seriously... Why does the 03 up Expedition have to look so much like the 02 up Explorer?? Remember the Buick Somerset and then the Regal??? OK GM, lets make ugly, bigger and uglier!!!!
I will return with additional opinions and thoughts about my "uneducated and non=Blue Oval" but correct opinions at another time.
A note, I worked for a Ford subsidiary a few years ago. Ford began a company with an unrealistic business plan and the arrogance that they were going to show the "dummies" how to change an industry. After spending 1.5 years in Dearborn, I know why Ford is losing money. Ford sold the subsidiary in 2003, they wanted to focus on their core competencies!!!!
Todays crappy part design list!!!
Ford 4.2 Engine in F150 pickups and Vans. One of the worst engines ever! Ranks right up there with a Renault or Peugeot!!! Why?
Ford 3.8 Engine in Windstar, Taurus-Sable...
GM 6.5 Turbo-Diesel. Who designed this?
Why can't Ford make an engine as good as the Nissan/Infiniti 3.5 V6???? Or better yet, why can't Ford buy that engine to put in a multitude of applications since they are incapable of such a feat???
Why can't GM turn the corner and design a modern engine period??
The Chrysler 2.7 V6 should be an embarrassment to Fiat, much less Daimler-Chrysler.


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can use tools

You self appointed auto pundits are crazy! Ford and GM merge? Fagidaboutit!
You guys must be experiencing acid flashbacks.
Duh? The writers at the magazines must be getting a kick out of this. At least that segment of the 3rd estate doesn't have to worry about blogs if this is the kind of work you do!
I can't explain it to you if you really think it is possible. Work out the mechanics of such a merger for yourself before you post nonsense like this.
Your blog goes to the bottom of the auto blogs menu for this.
One more strike and your out!

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