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Friday, May 06, 2005



Who said that Japan cant make good Diesel engines? Isuzu dominates the diesel engine market in China and its big in Latin America (thanks to Chevrolet). You can imagine that more than 50% of the fleet of trucks hauling goods out from China to the rest of the world run on Isuzu-Chevrolet trucks. I believe your "answer" is unfounded and not based on facts. Isuzu engines are fairly reliable. Hino from Toyota also produces superb diesel engines, so does Mitsubishi and Nissan Diesel.


As for the question, "who makes Chevy's diesel engine?"
Answer: It is outsource thru Isuzu. There have been many quality issues. The Japs need to stick with gas motors.

As for the rest of the diesel teams, the Dodge Cummins is reasonably priced, but is a DOG, lacking on torque and has the same problems they still cannot solve although merging with a German company - lackluster transmissions and rear-ends.

Regarding Ford, the Powerstroke diesel (made buy International, a Ford owned company) is the cats a**. Superior power and torque - good looks, and a re-designed transmission that shifts like an Allison

I am a Chevy guy, but enjoy the diesel kick. Only to find Ford being the only company with anything worth selling in the market.

And I wonder why GM struggles with their new "G Ride" cars?


The fact is, American cars don't sell well outside of America. Even in America the trend of buying American is significantly on the way out - in favor of German and Japanese. I'm not going to analyze whether it's simply or perception or related to real quality. But this is the reality of the long-term buying trends.

That's why it's completely rational to believe that GM, in it's current form, will not exist in 10 years. Unfortunately, at it's current market cap it has giant for sale sign on it. But nobody wants to acquire the issues with UAW or the lension liability. So you tell me - merger with Ford or shutdown? "Trimming" 1/4 of what it's worth doesn't realistic. Otherwise there's not a lot of options.


chevy f-150 might just work

Jessi Ventura

I disagree with you. Japeneese cars suck big time especially Toyota.

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