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Thursday, April 28, 2005


dent removal


We really need to get on about the business of becoming energy independent. This past year and the record gas prices played a huge part in our economic meltdown and seriously damaged our economy and society.We keep planning to spend BILLIONS on bailouts and stimulus plans.


Ford sucks. Their European lineup is a lot more fuel efficient than ours. They have nice looking cars that get 50-60 mpg while we are stuck with cars that get 20 mpg. Didn't this company originate in America?


Ford's bread and butter has always been trucks. Everything else has been an afterthought. F150 is still king of sales, but comptitition is ratcheting up now. Mustang has also been good to Ford but I can't think of a single other car that is competitive sales wise with class leaders except perhaps for large SUVs.


The 500 is our dream come true- but the engine sucks! everything else is well thought out- lotsa room, safe, american ( I always try..), yadda-yadda.

but when I took it out on the road from the dealership I actually thought something was wrong with it! the saleman explained it was the engine- I would have bought the thing on the spot except for that.

Jay Stevens

News says Ford is laying off on January due to BIG quarterly loss—Ford recently reported $284 million loss for this third quarter. For someone who's been a Ford fan I find this unfortunate. Ford will also be closing some of its plants early next year, too. Man, let's just hope it's hybrids and the soon to be released SUVs can really save Ford. A bit more info here: http://fordpartsonline.blogspot.com/2005/10/still-certified-ford-lover.html

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