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Friday, April 01, 2005



I like all this cars! BUT!!!!!
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kenny brooks

the phaeton is mucho car,
sophistication and much more. but if it was 52to 55 thousand, then vw could stomp on some serious competitors asses!! but well give me an a8 short wheelbase and hot damn get outta the way. had the privelege of being hot shoe chauffered around road atlanta in an a8l doing 125
and whata ride! ac and sterio blastin!!this is "the" car to beat in a contest with the other germans. oh yeah!!meanwhile on the mpg circuit, i"ll keep on driving my 99 metro( quit laffin, dammit) 44 mpg, 152000 miles on the odometer and no it dont leak oil. a one owner,ben
taken care of little econobox that gm should still be building and improving.instead of the crap like they are building.

Daryl  McGirt

I think you guys were dead on the nail with the truth about Ford , it is like they are not even

trying at all to turn heads with what they are
bringing to the Market , they proclaimed this
would be the year of the car but with the Ford Five Hundred it looks like a Taurus upgraded
hatchback or a full sized focus , the town car
is losing interest to cadillac because it looks
like a $40,000 Crown Vic, with no on star
and Limo like feel like the Coach like TOwn Cars
of The Late 80s and 90s, I would like to see lincoln to retro rear end , and roof on the next
town car that goes back to the Late 80s or 90s
when they were outselling Cadillac because of Distinction and class


VW does have a Phaeton division. It's called Audi.


Great choices of 'lookit!' cars from the NY Int'l Auto show... Especially the Mini! As a fellow Park Slope resident (and Mini Cooper S owner) you hit the nail right on the head! Keep up the good work!

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