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Thursday, August 26, 2004


air intake

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Hawleywood Interactive

Never driven a GTO. In all honesty I couldn't find a single one in Edmonton, Alberta. This was a couple years ago - So i picked up a 2005 Grand Prix GXP. Talk about performance. I can only imagine what the GTO brings to the table. All truth be told -I wish i had a Silver GTO.

For now ive got the next best thing :)

Keep on GTO'n gang.

Dean Yarbrough

anyone interested in turning there 04 GTO into a very quick ride. my lease is up and i have a Nitrous Express system 75-150 shot.with a k & n cold air intake was on the car maybe 6 months. will give you part numbers fom jegs and give you a great deal


the '04 gto is way better than i expected. for all those that dont believe me, just ask the many people who have come up to me in awe of my car (many of them those mustang owners, w/ them being 'stang owners and racers) and just be simply amazed, especially when we go for a little head-2-head. for all the people who are doubting the gto, you need to go back out with the gto but w/ a more open mind. i'd be willing to bet you guys went out there not wanting to believe the mustang can be beat, so you found only what supported your opinions. its ok though, thats just human nature

GTO is really a monaro

For those who dislike the GTO's looks, you can thank Pontiac's marketing men....Just look at the clean lines of the 2001-2004 or even the 2005-2006 Holden Monaro (the Aussie version of GTO and the orginal). No ugly rear wing.. No ugly pontiac nose, in addition to larger wheels, side airbags and twin-zone automatic climate control - All standard in the aussie car

Most american reviewers beleive the GTO handles and rides well - In Australia, this is seen as one of the GTO/Monaro's worst aspects, due to it's outdated strut/semi-trailing arm suspension, that in reality, traces its roots back to the 1978 opel omega...Refinement? NO, world class ride? NO
big V8? YES! sexy shape? YES!

.....and thats why the car sells in Oz

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