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Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Acccord man

Yes.. should someone come careening into ur lane.. and you try to avoud it, you will mash the brake and swerve and then tip over.

So then you die, not cause of the person careening into your lane. Its cause you tried to avoid it and sent the vehicle bouncing over, cause of its high center of gravity. Where as in one of my Honda Accords, Id have an excellent chance of surviving any collision, not to mention if anyone tried anything stupid, I could get out of the lane of danger with a quick and fast move. Something that can not be accomplished in an SUV or high truck.

SUVS do not do accident avoidance manuevers well. And instead of being smacked from behind or up front, the suv rolls over. Heck id prefer to be T-boned rather than being airborn and tipping over. As for body mass, a 2dr sedan is worse than a 4dr, cause you have more room to spread out. If you know anything about crash safety and front ends of cars, they are supposed to fall apart. They take that crash pressure and remove it from the human in the drivers seat.

So yes... you go driving around in your f-350, thinking your safe, go pull a trailer or I bet you just take it to the mall or the highways where most suvs go. And if its a truck, I doubt you use it. SO load it up add a trailer, then let me watch ur stupid ass when you jack knife cause someone cut you off and you cant avoid it..

Your fault.. mass is heavy and mass is slow. Flip that sucker like any semi would.

Watch that Honda Accord sedan slide around you and avoid you like you only wished. Your fault.

Keep thinkin mass and size is better, remember Explorer???


Gloria, I agree that in an UNavoidable accident with another vehicle, you're better off being in the bigger vehicle (by mass), all things being equal.

The point of the statistics is that many accidents are AVOIDABLE. More so if you're in a car. And even more so if you count not rolling as part of avoidance.

On balance, it seems, SUVs are more dangerous.


Let me put it this way: If a crazed driver in an on coming vehicle suddenly jumps into my lane, I would much rather be in my F-350 truck than a Toyota, Mitsubishi, Volkswagon, etc., etc., etc..... End of story.

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