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Saturday, May 15, 2004



i work for a consumer research firm. we are scheduling a focus group for the auto industry sponsered by an auto manufacturer. we are currently searching for auto/car bloggers, really active involved, bloggers to attend and give opinions. this is a blind study so the sponser won't be revealed but participants will be paid $125-$175 for 2-3hrs of time for their attendance and participation in the focus group. we need bloggers in the nj/ny area(8/6/05 9am) as well as la(8/10/05 6pm). referrals are appreciated!!!! call my office for the details. 1-800-695-4794 ask for anita. many thanks!!


What? In the $50K to $60K range, no acknowledgement of the new Infiniti M45? Tsk Tsk


The upcoming sedans from Ford - Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan and Lincoln Zephyr - all seem to have some positive appeal. Their styling and packaging is pretty good. The Fusion wears Ford's new passenger car face that is very distinctive. The Milan, as well, continues the Mercury theme.

I just ran into an Internet automotive research panel - vehiclevoice.com - that gives some insight into the possible weaknesses of these cars. The power in the 3.0L V6 engine is just over 200 horsepower. In an era where their competition has larger displacement V6 engines with 240 to 280HP, just over 200 is anemic.

Ford needs to get its act together in engine output or it will continue losing the horsepower wars.

David Wassmann

Love the personality assessment based on car owned...

Also...in family sedans, over 50k...gotta have an Audi RS 6 in there. Yeah, I know...hard to get...but what's not to like...


The TL over a G35? I don't know about that. And the I think I'd have to go for the new A6 over the 5-series. Yeah, I know the 5-series is a BMW and the new A6 doesn't have enough ink on it yet to tell if its a BMW killer, but the 2004 5-series is not a handsome car. Thanks Chris Bangle! (http://www.petitiononline.com/STOPCB/petition.html)

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