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Monday, May 24, 2004



Nice work, in poland price is like 0,5$ per one "liter"


you can get a list from Google Local or Map Quest for these stations


I like this article very much, but it did not help me because I no longer have a car that runs on fuel, I have a 100% electric car that I built myself, No bull! Wanna see how I did it check this out http://electriccarforyou.blogspot.com/

Kirk Brinkerhoff

The problem that most companies are not seeing is that the economy is the problem. Until people can feel that their money is safe and that they will still have a job tomorrow, they are not likely to go out and buy anything, let alone something as expensive as an automobile.

The real winner in the automotive market is going to be those companies that release technology that allows users to move away from gasoline and diesel fuel. The technology exists, it's just that laws and profit gouging people don't want to let it out. They want to keep the market firmly in their grasp of what the market will bare. What we need to do is what the computer industry has done for years, let out the technology a little at a time. this will benefit the automakers and still slide under the radar of those in power.

Thank for the article.

Thanks for the article.


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