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Tuesday, March 16, 2004



English cars are ugly, and they always break down, the English try to emulate more successful European brands but they don't even come close to what the Germans, French and Italians can do, I mean seriously, Aston Martin better than a Ferrari, I doubt it very much, I know i would rather own a ferrari any day over stupid English car like Jaguar.

No-Fault Insurance

The brands are constantly swaping! Now Tata buys brands like Jaguar. Depends on the economical situation of automotive concern. I like VW - their views on cars are good

Jaguar Accessories

English cars are the best. English people know how to build cars! Aston Martin can beat almost every super car if talking about the mixture of performance, design and other characteristics.

Sven Helmut

The reason American car companies are going out of business is because of misplaced and idiodic patriotism!

Detroit has been slowly going out of business thanks to all those retards that buy american cars regardless of any consideration of: quality,design,gasmilage,freshniss of look / brand and most of all available technology .

Detroit build the crappy cars it thought people wanted ,but what they really wanted is all the things mentioned above.

So to all you red white and blue buyers, you have only yourself to blame for leding Detroit astray and supporting crappy cars in a very competitive marketplace.
Support a good product and watch greatniss rise to the top!


BMW is best it is forever i really like the car

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