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Thursday, July 20, 2006



I too am not sure government tinkering with MPG mandates is useful. The market will decide which cars sell.

The added weight is not all due to mandated safety systems. Air bags and side crash tests are the main new features since 1987. These alone are probably offset by lighter materials and better designs.

Stability control, GPS displays, tilt steering wheels, dual AC front and back, four wheel drives, bigger radios with bigger speakers, larger electrical systems to run all this, etc. are convenience items that people choose.

They all add up and then the frame and bumpers must be made heavier to pass the crash tests.

GM digs PR holes better than most. Bill Ford is still the champ.

Dave T.

While I agree we should do better 1 mpg/year isn't as easy as it sounds. Here's a report we covered on the EPA saying mpg is flat again this year.

We're less than two gallons form the high back in 1987 but cars today are heavier and faster than back then.

But GM is right about product cycles. What are they going to do? detune every engine they make to get 1 mpg more a year?

I think the market will produce more economic cars. not the govt. just like in the early 1980s. and don't forget all that added weight is mostly from govt dictated safety systems.

It's interesting that with most releases I'm reading about new models the cars are usually 20% more efficient with higher hp too. I'm thinking of the LR2 specifically. 25 mpg avg! Every new model we see I predict touting something similar. we can't really get much faster cars then we have now anyway, so we might as well make em more efficient.

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