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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Donnita S

I just need a car period. I am getting ready to further my eduacation and I am on Social Security Disability. No car dealers want to work with people like me. Really unfair in my books. At least I get a guarnteed paycheck a month. I have no credit because nobody wants to give me a chance and help me with my credit. I am trying to get off social security by going back to school then going and getting a real job somewheres so I don't to hear I am denied all the dang time I try to get a car or whatever. Bankers really rip people off big time.


Ineed afree car Because i travel back and forth to school in Philadelphia and then I have to Pick up my 4 children at the babysitters house then travel allthe way back home.

Fefi Lou

Oh hell yes, a free car would be fabulous, however, I don't live in a land of give-aways apparantely. I just want a car with a payment I can afford. I drive them for years (my present one is a 1987)!

I would love to get a Ford Mustang or red convertible VW beetle for $125 a month until it is paid for. I have my original high school 'Stang ('68 conv) but can't find a reputable person to restore...so I dream every night for someone to answer my wish of letting me just pay out slow but steady!

If you can send information please send...don't laugh....I know there is somewhere out there who could proffer this deal.


So, you sad that you need a car because your new job is 60 miles away and its must be free, cause you have not money!! :) So its funny for me !
How old are you MAN?????
Unfortunately i can't help you!
But enter in (http://www.booklimo.co.uk/)
Maybe they can help you!

Shelsi Barber

I need a free car becasuse I am a college student without finances for a car and little income. In addition, I really need transportation to get to school.

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