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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Joe aka BigFordFan

Bob, as always I enjoy reading your blog. I don't know where to begin, Thanks for agreeing on the 3 door, maybe I'm just old and trying to recapture my youth? No, if that were the case, I'd be getting drunk at a strip joint and puking on my shoes. But I like 3 doors. You may have a point about fleet sales, helping the January figures, but they'll take what they can get.

Just for fun, I did a search for Pontiac Solstice, and they're available in dealers near me. I actually found one at LaSorsa in the Bronx, without A/C for $19K. Hurry before it's gone.

The Crossfire, while a nice looking car, was at first underpowered and of course way to expensive. I've seen less than a dozen on the road, and that's here in Westchester, where you can see anything. I've seen more Bentleys than I have Crossfire. IF someone can afford it, they buy a Vette.

You're a certifiable nut, but you're doing a great job.

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