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Thursday, January 05, 2006


the scooter rider

Your's is the amusing car blog I ever read. It doesn't bore my skull! What I can say is never understimate the consumers. They don't go for ploys like that anymore no matter even if they get a sexy endorser to the advertising for them! People now a days...need a car with safety and security in mind.


These gimmicks - employee pricing, red tag, etc. - are self exhausting tactics. They hurt the weakest most. GM management should have thought about just who was "weakest".
Ultimately price wars must end when the stronger competitors match them.

GM seems to still believe their problems will be solved by selling cars. Not true - the problems must be solved by offering cars people wish to buy.

No accounting scheme, big talk about the hydrogen manana, or neat advertising will save them. Value is too easily gauged by today's buyers. It has to be cars.

You have to wish them well. But the entire board should go. Can even 25 percent of the auto division can be saved?

Dave. T

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