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Friday, December 23, 2005


Santos A Gonzalez

who ever wrote this article dose not know what their talking about. yes jaguar has been doing bad but not that bad. about the money ford is putting into the brand, the more money they but for the better. they did the same thing to aston martin and land rover they are looking great. jaguar is just the problem child it will take time to make it better.

Emery Lane

Hey, I love my 2004 XJR, but then I'm an old-fashioned guy! I bought it because of the styling, and have had no problems with it.


dont think the idea of not leasing sounds too good. For 1. the whole idea behind the whole auto industry is sell, sell, lease. 2. Like Porche (with the Cayenne) if you want to stay in the buisness a company will have to learn to diversify product (NO SUV'S FOR JAGUAR!!!!). I do however agree with the opinion the the x-type interior has got to be greatly improved if jaguar wants that car taken as a serious Jag they need to step there game up with that one.

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