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Tuesday, July 26, 2005



Chopper: Congrats on the Forbes mention as one of the best auto blogs.



Well it may come off that way. However, Cadillac is trying to get to the younger generation and this is one way of doing it. They want to remove the image of the "old style Cadillacs" that some people might still have. Also, they use it as a promotional tool, by giving the bikes away for free when a Cadillac is bought, or throwing a bike in to close a deal. I mean, if you liked Cadillacs and you own one, and if you also like to ride bikes, what's better than having a Cadillac bike. I know I would love having one.
But, let me guess here; If Honda, Toyota, Nissan, or maybe BMW and Mercedes were doing this, it would be an ingenious idea...right?

Joe aka BigFordFan

What's going on with these people? First "Hemi" power tools and now "Cadilac" bikes. What's next "Lincoln" lawnmowers?

I agree with you, this type of silly marketing dilutes a brand name that is on the rise after so many years of mediocrity.

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