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Thursday, November 18, 2004



forget about suvs... if the dont sell good in europe, it will soon be a the big late fashion / trend. Sports cars and smart-likes are here to stay

purchase car


Who is We?
"But we just got over being confused..."
"We understand he works for Ford..."
I am not part of the "We" group here, SUV's are the best thing around, big, gas guzzling and tough. They scream I'm an American, don't screw with me.

If I'm going ride such a testosterone toy, I want to be safe as my Ford Explorer crushes your car in an accident. Gimme some curtain airbags and stability control. What's wrong with that?

Go back to France with your sisse anti-american car lover!


All kidding aside, nice site.
(Feel free to delete at will)


You are right. Also, the most important safety feature for an SUV -- better than any technology -- is a mental adjustment on the part of the driver. An SUV should be driven like a big truck, not like a sports car. The type of driver who wants to be able to make radical steering inputs at high speed should forget about SUVs and get a sports car.

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