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Sunday, April 25, 2004


Mazda Seat Covers

I love my 2004 Mazda3.

Cindy Sullivan

I just got a Mazda3 2004 Hatchback, auto (and do love it). Here in New England we get snow, and I was appalled at how slippy-slidey the car is! AWFUL. (Compared to my old 96, manual Celica, like night and day.) I've got to head straight for the tire store and get some other tires. :(

Charles Rathmann

I did look at the Matrix -- but am glad that I looked at the Mazda3 5-door first. At the "stealership" I visited, the Matrix cost more with the packages that include ABS than did the Mazda3 at the price I was offered. And it is underpowered and anemic in every performance measure I could think of. In the meantime, I have enjoyed putting the first 1,000 miles on my 3 -- with my only complaint being the performance tires that come stock on the little wagon. Here in Wisconsin we DO get snow, and while the handling characteristics of the Mazda3 make for good winter driving even without the doodads and hoohas like stability or traction control, the tires do not lend themselves to gripping into the snow.


The Matrix is way underpowered for it's weight -- even more so than the PT Cruiser non-turbo. The 5-speed Mazda 3s will do a 0-60MPH sprint in 7.4 seconds (Car & Driver).

keith knutsson

It looks a lot like the toyota matrix

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